The answer of Neymar and his father



Neymar took another series of criticisms painfully and posted the whole statement on Instagram: “Sometimes I feel uncomfortable because of my style because I go to a stroke and I constantly stand on my feet. I don’t know if the problem is in me or what I do on the pitch. I am very upset when I hear the following words from players, coaches, commentators and who knows from whom: “Definitely worth beating”, “Unrealistic”, “Crying”, “Baby”, “Spoiled” and others. To be honest, it starts and I do not know how long I will endure it. I just want to experience the joy of playing football. And nothing else. ”

The incident was ignored by the player’s father, Neymar and Silva, who is also his agent: “My son is really crying, but not for the reasons you think. I believe he should cry because of coaches like you, because of referees at this level, because of reckless and blinded leagues, sometimes biased journalists and cowards. Yes, he should cry. “But our tears, the tears of my son – the athlete, the football master – will flow one more night and then he will stand up, as usual, to defeat them.”

PSG head coach Maurizio Pochettino did not rule out the possibility of the striker flying home:

“I do not know if Neymar will ask him to go to Brazil during his recovery. It all depends on the opinion of the doctors. Sometimes players make concessions and change the scenery to get back to the line faster. There is always hope that the recovery will be successful.

Hopefully Neymar will be available in the return match. His attitude and motivation are impressive. He was especially looking forward to the opportunity to play against Barcelona and is very worried that he will not be able to enter the pitch. Sorry. Neymar is designed for such matches, so this is a blow for him. The loss of Neymar and Di Maria is a big disadvantage for us, but we can adapt to the circumstances. “I am an optimist and this is a challenge for the team.”