The agitation of football fans today was caused by one exciting piece of information that spread like wildfire on the internet.


Paris Saint-Germain’s Brazilian star, Neymar’s mother, 52-year-old Nadine Goncalves, has revealed her romance with cybersport player Tiago Ramos on her Instagram page.

All-day long, fans have been joking that Neymar now has a six years younger potential stepfather. Added to all this is the fact that a new boyfriend of the mother of the former striker of “Barcelona” is a fan of “Real” Madrid.

Brazilian Tiago is 22 years old and participates in Free Fire tournaments on behalf of the 4k Easy team. Free Fire is a game for mobile phones that is very popular in Brazil and around the world.


“Be Happy, Mom!”


“The love story of Neymar’s mother and a young boy has made the internet users very amused. However, the fact has caused many different opinions among the people” – Sportbible reports.

Neymar himself, who considers his mother’s romance as a usual thing, also knows Tiago. Neymar even has a photo with him and wished Nadine happiness in the comments on the photo posted on Instagram. “Be happy, mom, I love you so much,” Neymar wrote.

As it turns out, the mother of the 28-year-old Brazilian football player divorced her husband. However, it did not seem difficult for her to find a new partner. So, she is now having an affair with a 22-year-old boy. Senior Neymar is not angry about this and wished his ex-wife happiness in the comments at a new stage of life.

Maybe his “New potential Stepfather” will convince Neymar to continue his career at “Real” Madrid.