The Chelsea player, N’Golo Kante missed training on Wednesday after the Blues allowed him to train from home due to Premier League’s return fears.

The 29-year-old N’Golo Kante on Tuesday returned to training at Cobham. This was the first-day Premier League clubs were allowed to resume small group sessions. Consequently, on Wednesday, Kante decided against going back to training at the same venue.

Chelsea however granted the Frenchman permission to miss the second day of training due to fears over the Premier League’s restart.

Kante previously had suffered from a health scare in March 2018. He had passed out in front of his team-mates at the club’s training ground.

Cardiology tests did not show any heart problems but he missed the next game. In the same year, shortly before the 2018 World Cup, Kante lost his elder brother Niama to a heart attack and he had lost his father at the age of 11.

Chelsea’s board along with Frank Lampard are understood to be very understanding of Kante’s feelings. The club has offered him all the support and has made training grounds as safe as possible.

Neville: Some players uncomfortable with the next stages

Gary Neville on Tuesday warned more players may reject a return to Premier League training.

“I know there are Premier League clubs with five or six players who either don’t want to return or are uncomfortable with certain things around stage two or three.”

“We do have more problems and issues to resolve over the coming weeks.”

Meanwhile, Carragher doesn’t believe the reluctance from a small number of players to return to training is likely to derail plans to resume the Premier League season this summer.

“We have always said on this show that if a player does not feel safe or sound to go back, he can’t go back. This was always going to be the case that maybe one or two players in every squad may not feel safe and may not want to go back.”

“I don’t think that would stop the Premier League from going on. If players en masse said they did not want to be involved, then that would be a big problem.”

“But if one or two players in every club, that is something the clubs and the League will just have to accept and try and get them on board going forward.”