Liverpool and Netherlands defender Virgil Van Dijk recalls difficult times. 20-year-old Virgil asked God for help in the hospital and wrote a will.

Recently, Virgil Van Dijk saved Groningen from bankruptcy. The Coronavirus pandemic also put the club in danger. The central defender of Liverpool and the Dutch national team started his professional career in this club. But the beginning of the football path was not easy for Virgil.

Van Dijk was diagnosed with peritonitis and kidney infection at the age of 20 due to acute appendicitis and needed urgent surgery. Recently, the player recalled that difficult period with the journalists.

“I could only see the tubes around the hospital. I couldn’t feel my body and only bad thoughts in my head. My life was in danger. My mother and I asked God for help and discussed all possible scenarios. At some point, I had to sign several documents. It was a kind of testament.

If I didn’t survive, part of the money I owned would have been left to my mother. Of course, no one wanted to talk about it. But we had to do it. I had to sign the papers because that could have been the end of it. I spent 13 nights in the hospital. It was very difficult for me to walk. ”

Virgil Van Dijk, 28, played for Groningen, Celtic and Southampton during his career before arriving in Liverpool in January 2018. The defender has won the championship twice with the Scots and once won the Country Cup, with Liverpool winning the Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup.

The Dutch national team player played 29 matches in the current season of the English Premier League, scored four goals, and scored one assist. Virgil, along with the Merseysiders, is close to winning the English Premier League. As you know, Liverpool have 82 points in 29 games and are leading the table with a 25-point lead over Manchester City.