Jürgen Klopp talked about his strengths. The German specialist says he knows nothing about motivation.

Jürgen Klopp never said he was special. On the contrary, the 53-year-old Liverpool coach always said he was normal. The German specialist now talked about his strengths in an interview with ADAC Motorwelt and came to an astonishing conclusion. Klopp says he understands nothing of what everyone considers to be a very strong specialist.

“I have no idea how people are motivated. If that were my strengths or my only strengths, I would not really be where I am. ” – Klopp mentions in the mentioned interview, and this is at a time when everyone says that Jürgen is a very cool motivator in the first place.

“I really cannot speak fiery words all day and act on people with my monologues. “Like others, I often talk nonsense,” he added.

Klopp believes that the main thing in dealing with players is that “every player should feel like an important, necessary player.” According to Jürgen, his management style is people-centred: “I am interested in making people feel good around me. With such an approach, you can use their potential more easily. And in reality, I enjoy making friends with my players. However, I also know that I cannot be their best friend. “