The president of Spanish Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu apologized to the fans after the nightmarish defeat (2: 8) with Bayern and said that several decisions have already been made. According to Bartomeu, this was not the team that Barcelona represents.

Josep Maria Bartomeu (President of Barcelona): “It was a very difficult evening and a very severe defeat. I am sorry for the fans, for all of us. We were not the team, the club we represent. It’s very painful for me. It is a very serious defeat. Congratulations to Bayern. They had a great match, and deservedly made it to the semifinals.

We could not play at our level, and this is a disaster. Decisions are needed now. Some of them have already been thought out, but we cannot make decisions today. First of all, I apologize to the Barcelona fans and partners. I will not announce the decisions today. Some of them have already been made, some – will be made. We will do it next week. So, I will not say anything today. ”

Recall that the 2019/20 season turned out to be very unsuccessful for Barcelona. The Catalan Grand failed to win any tournaments this year. So, they were left without a title.