Another episode of the “Off the pitch”. Dana is back with this episode and she will talk about the Arsenal’s “Invincible” run and Maguire joins WWE. 


Everton lost and Arsenal fans were happy for short-time

Do you know that Gunners’ fans were happy after Everton’s loss. The Gunners went outside and celebrated the defeat of Everton. Carlo Ancelotti’s team was only undefeated. Experts believed that Carlo could make a huge impact on the Premier League run. As you may know, Arsenal had an ‘invincible’ team. Thiery Henry, Pires and others had a perfect run in the Premier League. 16 years ago, Arsenal’s team won the Premier League trophy without a single loss. That’s why Arsenal’s fans wanted to see Everton’s loss.

Patrice Evra compared Maguire to Hulk Hogan

Manchester United played a goalless draw on Sunday against Chelsea. During the match, Maguire was caught in an interesting moment. The captain of the team headlocked Azpilicueta. Chelsea’s footballers wanted to have a VAR check but the referee decided to say no to VAR. Unfortunately to Chelsea fans, they could not get a penalty for this moment. After the match, Patrice Evra said that it was the exact moment Hulk Hogan made contact with John Cena. 

Mendy is the new goalkeeper of Chelsea?

Frank Lampard included Peter Cech in the squad. Mendy signed by Chelsea is a big hope but Lampard does not want another headache. Although Peter left the football, he may be back soon. Frank Lampard believes that Peter is the biggest goalkeeper that ever played for Chelsea, so his help will be a big advantage. Fans believe that Mendy is a perfect solution in this situation

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