Odegaard is one of the brightest youngsters in the world. Norwegian player signed for Real Madrid three years ago, and since then, he was loaned out to different clubs.

Odegaard was first loaned in the Netherlands and played in Eredivisie. He got extensive experience for playing the Eredivisie club and then signed for the La Liga team. As of now, Martin has a two-year loan deal with Real Sociedad. As it seems, the youngster is delighted with Basque teammates and club infrastructure. Keep in mind that Odegaard became the La Liga player of the month, so Eurosport took an interview from him.

Real Madrid officials are in close touch with Martin

Odegaard says that Real Madrid is his ultimate dream. Norwegian player wants to become the best footballer only in Real Madrid, but he respects his deals with every other club. Martin mentioned that Real Madrid coaches call and talk with him. Mostly they message him and congratulate him on an excellent performance. Martin changed a lot and improved a few skills related to passing. The youngster became the best player of September in Primera Division, so his hard work is paying off;

Martin’s career in Real Sociedad

Youngster mentioned that a Basque club is a perfect place for him to grow. Every day he gets lots of love and praise from club officials and fans. Martin says that the contract will be fulfilled fully. So, we see that Martin has decided to stay in Real Sociedad for the next two years. Norwegian youngster has two years contract with Sociedad and hopes for a minimum of one trophy with the current club.

Facing Sergio Ramos during the national duty

Martin Odegaard’s Norway will face Spain during the national duty. Martin talked about the clash between Norway and Spain. The youngster said that Spain will play its own game and will try to demolish Norway’s defense with high pressure.

Odegaard is a big fan of Sergio Ramos, but they will be opponents on the pitch. The youngster does not think that the Spanish side is afraid of him yet. Young Norwegian player says that he still has to prove a lot to give nightmares to opponents.

Odegaard is a fan of Zinedine Zidane

Martin mentioned his affection to French coach Zidane. Odegaard dreams of playing under Zidane’s coaching and hopes to get a desirable chance in two years. Martin has many goals in mind, but first, he has to prove everything in Real Sociedad, then he will be ready for Real Madrid.