As you may know, Real Madrid has invested a lot in the young generation. Today we will talk about the youngsters who will lead Real Madrid to success in the future.

Odegaard dreams of success at Real Madrid

On Wednesday, Odegaard talked with Spanish journalists. Norwegian player said that it’s essential for him to wait for a chance from Los Blancos. Odegaard is the player of Real Madrid, but the coaching staff advised him to go on loan.

Odegaard thinks that it’s essential to be more patient and grow as a midfielder. Midfielders believe that Casemiro’s career is a perfect example of patience. Casemiro went on loan from Real Madrid to Porto. Brazilian player became a vital part of Porto’s success and returned to Madrid as an experienced midfielder. Odegaard wants to follow the same steps and return to Madrid as a successful attacking midfielder.

Mbappe is still the dream of Real Madrid

Zidane talked about Mbappe’s future on Thursday. French coach said that Mbappe’s goal is to play for Real Madrid. PSG’s sporting director, Leonard, said that Zidane should stop dropping comments about Mbappe’s future as it’s very annoying.

Mbappe is focused on PSG currently, but he is not hiding that youngster is a fan of Real Madrid. Kylian also has lost of posters of Cristiano Ronaldo wants and to follow Portuguese’s footsteps in Madrid.

Kylian Mbappe could be a lethal weapon of Real Madrid for the next decade. French youngster is still very young and has a chance to become a legend of Real Madrid. Spanish journalists believe that Perez will do everything to sign Mbappe in the summer of 2020.

Hakimi and Reguilon – Defenders from the future

Hakimi and Reguilon played for Real Madrid in the past few seasons. Both players are very young, and Zidane’s coaching staff decided to give them a chance for a loan.

Hakimi is playing for Dortmund, and Reguilon is playing for Sevilla FC. Both players are the leaders of the defense and play a vital role in starting line-up.

Valverde, Rodrygo, and Vinicius

Three youngster players who have a place in Real Madrid’s starting line-up already. Zidane’s Real is a fragile team without Valverde and Casemiro’s due meanwhile Rodrygo has shown the quality of his skill set in the last rounds of La Liga and the Champions League.

Rodrygo already scored a perfect hat-trick on Champions League. Now everyone is talking about youngster’s bright future. Rodrygo and Mbappe would be a real threat to every team in the future.