The video of Manchester United footballer Odion Ighalo has been shared by hundreds of thousands. Ighalo asks for help for Nigeria.

In terms of sports, Odion Ighalo did not have as much of a special role on Tuesday as he did on Saturday, and last week, however, his video went very high in the trendy Twitter posts. The Manchester United player addressed everyone – the leaders of the whole world – after the victory with Paris Saint-Germain.

Ighalo recorded a minute-and-a-half video of ‘Parc des Princes’ and titled it: Pray for Nigeria – Pray for Nigeria. “Usually,” he began his monologue, “I am not the type to comment on political issues. But I can no longer keep silence about what is happening in Nigeria.”


‘Shame on this government. I cannot stand you anymore! They Kill Their Citizens’


In the south-eastern part of the Nigerian capital, Lagos, people were killed earlier in the day in protest of anti-government protests. “The Nigerian government is a disgrace to the world because they are killing their own citizens, sending troops to kill unarmed people. I’m ashamed of this government. I cannot stand you any more! So, I ask the UK authorities and world leaders to help the citizens of Nigeria. I ask my sisters and brothers in Nigeria to stay home because the government is staffed with assassins who will continue to massacre people if the world does not talk about it. God bless you. ”

Ighalo’s video has over 160,000 shares at this time.