In today’s Off-the-pitch video, Dana talked about Bundesliga’s return without spectators. She also told latest news about Thiago Almada’s transfer choice and Manchester City’s John Stones as well, who was accused of spying his ex.

Bundesliga is back

Germany is the first country to take a risky step after Coronavirus and bring football back. Of course, this is not the kind of football that was before Coronavirus. It is accompanied by many limitations, which creates problems.
The first major problem is that we look at games against an empty tribune background. The matches are similar to the training.
The statistics of the last round of the Bundesliga show that the world’s temporary suspension has affected the players as well.

Thiago Almada chose Manchester City

As you may remember, there were many transfer rumors around Thiago Almada. Manchester City and Manchester United were favorites. But along with these two clubs, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, and Arsenal were also interested in the Argentine midfielder.
According to the latest news, Thiago have made a decision. According to The Sun, Almada refers to join the Cityzens this summer.
As you may know, Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez is Thiago Almada’s idol. So, this factor have probably also influenced while making a decision.
According to the same source, City are sure that they will finally get a deal.

John Stones is accused of spying on his Ex.

According to The Sun, Police have spoken to John Stones after his ex-girlfriend Millie Savage accused him of spying for her.
The 25-year-old Millie said that she was afraid of being watched through the CCTV camera. She lives in the 6m home that the couple shared until they split up in 2018.
According to the source, John can still connect to the cameras via the internet. And when he texted his ex about comings and goings from the house, Millie guessed that she was monitored. So she got angry and called Cheshire Police.

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