In an episode of “off the pitch” Zooey will talk about different things. We will start from Eden Hazard’s injury mystery and finish with Klopp’s letter to MU young fan.

Eden Hazard’s injury at the most uncomfortable moment of the season

As you may know, Eden Hazard got the injury last week against Levante. Eden could not finish the match and Zidane replaced him with Junior. Keep in mind that Eden got the first injury of the season in November. Since then, Belgian winger has missed more than 3 months. Former Chelsea player returned from injury three weeks ago and he got the relapse of injury again.

What’s wrong with Eden’s health? Eden’s coach in Belgium, Martinez said that he has missed very few matches in his career. Unfortunately to Real Madrid fans, Eden got addicted to injuries after arrival. Just like Gareth Bale, Eden Hazard has missed the most part of the season. 

Martinez believes that Hazard can play at Euro 2020. Belgian winger will do everything to recover for the Euro tournament.

Inter Milan’s plan

Antonio Conte said that Italian clubs need more stamina. Players are not used to high intensity as Conte loves to play. That’s why Conte has signed most of the players from Premier League teams. For example, Conte signed Lukaku, Ashley Young and Eriksen. Those players know how to play on high intensity. Conte’s whole strategy depends on high pressure on an opponent’s defensive line.

Conte wants to sign a new striker from Premier League as Lautaro may leave in summer. Argentinean striker has a perfect season. Real Madrid and Barcelona are looking for a new striker and Lautaro could be the right option for those teams. That’s why Conte wants to sign a new striker in summer from Premier League.

A heartwarming story of MU fan and Klopp

Youngster fan Manchester United sent an official letter to Liverpool’s coach Klopp. As you may know, Liverpool and Manchester United have the biggest rival in the Premier League. Manchester’s fan asked Klopp to lose some matches and give other teams a chance to score goals in Allison’s net.

Klopp has not hesitated and answered him in the most gentle way. Klopp told a young fan that Liverpool has a really good time now. At the same time, Manchester United had a better period in the past and Liverpool’s young fans had the same intentions. Sometimes your favorite team wins, sometimes your favorite team losses the match or trophy – that’s why we all love football. Klopp’s letter was heart-warming and it went viral on social networks. 

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