In our episode of “off the pitch,” Dana is talking about different topics. We will start with Ronaldinho’s big problem and finish with James Rodriguez, who is upset with Zinedine Zidane.


Ronaldinho is in big trouble


The former Brazilian and Barcelona superstar is in a Paraguayan jail as he used a fake passport. Ronaldinho and his brother were arrested because they were trying to cross the Paraguay border as if they were Paraguay citizens.

As Ronaldinho’s lawyer said, 39-year-old Brazilian received the false document as a gift. According to some sources, a local casino owner invited Ronaldinho there.

Noteworthy that he had a real Brazilian passport as well and did show it to the police. They hoped that the court would take into consideration that the brothers did not commit any criminal activities. But the court later issued an arrest order. Moreover, Ronaldinho is being also investigating some additional crimes.


Liverpool’s worst fear


According to the latest reports, the Premier League officials are considering playing all PL matches with empty tribunes.

As you may know, Coronavirus continues to spread, and if that will not finish until the last campaign, Klopp’s men will probably have to celebrate their win without their fans.

That would be really difficult as fans’ support is essential for Liverpool players.


James Rodriguez is upset with Zinedine Zidane

According to ESPN reports, James Rodriguez seems to be extremely upset with a Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane due to his treatment and also for the lack of playing time minutes this season.

James appeared in only four La Liga matches for Los Blancos in this season and have not had a single minute since Real Madrid’s 1: 0 defeat against Mallorca in October.

James is following his fitness regime to maintain his peak condition and is going to depart Los Blancos in summer.

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