In this Off-the-pitch video, you will find out the latest reports about the canceled French Championship. Dana also talks about Jose Mourinho’s worst defeat in his coaching career that made him cry. And finally, about Kevin de Bruyne, who may leave Manchester City.

PSG – Champions of Ligue 1

All sports activities in France are banned until September. Accordingly, the French Ligue 1 declared PSG champions of the championship.
As you may know, Paris Saint-Germain were ahead of Marseille by 12 points. Moreover, the Parisians had their 68 points after playing 27 rounds only (one round less than the other teams).
“PSG became the champions of France, and this is their ninth title. Thus, the Parisian club equalized with Marseille.” – reports Ligue 1’s official website.
Noteworthy, that PSG have won 7 of their last 8 seasons. So, with nine titles, they share second place with Marseille. France’s most titled club is Saint-Etienne, with 10 titles. However, last time they became champions in 1981.

What made Jose Mourinho cry

Jose Mourinho spoke to reporters about his worst defeat. He said that the result of the ½ -Final of the 2011/12 Champions League made him cry. As you may remember, in that match, Jose’s Real Madrid lost against Bayern Munich.
“I’ve cried only once in my coaching career. My assistant and I were parked in front of my house, both crying. It was tough as we were the best team in Europe that season.” – said Mourinho to the Spanish media.
The 57-old-player also said that each player in his team was valuable as each of them had their specific role.


Kevin de Bruyne leaving Manchester City?

According to HLN, Kevin De Bruyne hinted about leaving the club. As you may know, UEFA banned Manchester City from playing in the Champions League for two years. The reason was violating the rules of financial fair play.
De Bruyne, like his teammates, is unsatisfied with the situation. The Belgian striker made a statement in which he hinted that he might leave the club.
“One-year disqualification for Champions League? – I might think about this option, but two years is too much.” – said Kevin.

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