In this episode of “Off the pitch,” Dana will talk about the latest football news in the world. Let’s get straight to the exciting news.

Manchester City’s problems with Uefa

As you may know, Manchester City won’t be playing in the Champions League for the next two seasons. Uefa has announced a new wave of bans to clubs that don’t follow the rules and guidelines. As it seems, Manchester City chiefs have not followed the rules of Uefa. Organizations give Manchester City a ban for serious financial problems from 2013-2016.

After the scandal, Manchester City has to pay more than 20 million Euros. The team won’t be able to play in the Champions League during the next two seasons. British journalists believe that it could be an end for many Manchester City players. Pep Guardiola was also asked about the issues. The Spanish coach said that he is ready to stay in Manchester for many years. The coach said that during a hard time, he would remain loyal to the team. At the same time, Pep said that he believes in team management and their truth. Keep in mind that Manchester City will use the right to appeal the decision of Uefa’s board.

A representative of Manchester City said that it’s not the right decision from Uefa. Ferran Soriano said that Uefa has not followed the documents team has shown to board. Soriano said that Uefa’s board depends more on stolen emails rather than official documents from Manchester City. A representative of Manchester said that Uefa made this decision based on politics, not on fair play rules.

Hakim Ziyech will join Chelsea in June of 2020

Chelsea has officially announced the signing of youngster Hakim Ziyech. Moroccan has shown real potential in the last two seasons, and it seems that his end in Ajax is near. Hakim will join Chelsea on 1st June of 2020.

London team announced that there is only one more thing left – personal contract. As experts believe, Chelsea has paid more than 40 million pounds for Hakim. Ajax had a perfect season last season when the team won the domestic league. Ajax could even reach the semi-final of Champions League, eliminating Real Madrid and Juventus.

Ajax Amsterdam is different this season. The team is not showing good results and even could not proceed to play-offs of the Champions League. After the departure of DeLight and De Jong, Ajax is not the same. Hakim Ziyech is trying his best this season but can’t win many matches alone. As it seems, the young player decided to move on and join another team. Lampard’s squad will strengthen because they already have Pulisic. Along with Pulisic, Hakim will create deadly attacking wings.

Neymar has a new girlfriend?

After a fascinating Instagram post, journalists believe that Neymar has a new girlfriend. Well-known model Natalia Barulich has tagged Neymar is a very heart-warming post. Brazilian player is very close friend with Natalia as they have known each other for many years.

Natalia was a girlfriend of the very popular artist – Maluma. Neymar and Maluma are good friends, and a few times Maluma has performed at Neymar’s parties. Keep in mind that Neymar first met with Natalia because of Maluma.

The Instagram post is very heart-warming, as Natalia mentions that Neymar has a very sweetheart, and he is a beautiful soul. Journalists believe that Barulich is a new girlfriend, and soon they will confirm it.

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