Eight days left until the end of the January transfer window. January was full of transfers, but we have to focus on cases that are still open.

Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United – is it possible?

It’s been two weeks since British tabloids are talking about this transfer. The Portuguese midfielder, Bruno, is very successful in Sporting. It’s still a miracle that he has not left the Portuguese club because he has achieved success with Portugal’s national team. There have been many clubs interested in the service of Bruno, but it’s still unclear whether he leaves Sporting or not.

Manchester United has serious problems in midfield. Paul Pogba has an injury from the start of the season. Without Paul Pogba, Manchester United can’t play at a high level. We see that in 23 Premier League matches, Manchester United could only score 36 goals. At the same time, the club has only 34 points. Ole believes that Manchester United could be a very powerful team but not without a current squad. The Red Devils need strength in midfield, and Ole said that team officials are engaging in buying quality players. New offer could go up to 50 million pounds but Sporting wants more than 55 million pounds. It’s still believed that Bruno Fernandes will join Manchester United by the end of January.

PSG will offer a big salary to Pep Guardiola?

After dominating Premier League for two years, Pep has problems this season. Manchester City can’t win the Premier League this season obviously can they have lost many points. Liverpool is unbeaten for 22 Premier Leagues, and it’s visible that Klopp’s won’t let his chance slip away.

Pep Guardiola is very nervous this season. It’s visible in the latest pre-match and post-match interview. Even on the weekend, Manchester City could not win against Crystal Palace.

According to the latest French rumors, PSG owners want to make an offer to Pep Guardiola. The Spanish coach is a brilliant mind of the current football world. Last week, Pep said that he wouldn’t leave Manchester City in the near future unless the team president sacks him. At the same time, French newspapers write about the will of PSG owner.

Real Madrid’s former striker, Chicharito joined LA Galaxy

As you may know, LA Galaxy is a famous MLS club. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was a player of the LA galaxy before he joined AC Milan this January. Keep in mind that LA Galaxy is a very reputable team in MLS.

It’s an early stage of football development in the US, so MLS clubs want to sign many European footballers. It’s believed that footballers who have European experience can increase the quality of the Championship. LA Galaxy has officially announced the arrival of Javier Hernandez.

Once, Javier Hernandez was playing for Real Madrid. Hernandez was a player for Real Madrid for a few months. Chicharito even scored a vital goal against Atletico Madrid in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. That season, Carlo Ancelotti’s team could not win any major trophies, and Xavier was forced to leave the club without a buy-out clause.


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