In an episode of “off the pitch,” Dana talks about different topics. We will start with RB Leipzig’s apology against their Japanese fans and finish with

RB Leipzig’s apology for security staff’s wrong action

RB Leipzig had to apologize against their Japanese fans for the error when they ejected them to attend Saturday’s match due to the measures against Coronavirus.
The match against Bayer Leverkusen had started for only ten minutes when the Red Bull Arena’s security personnel asked twenty Japanese fans to leave the stadium.
Later, the club released the statement, where they apologized and openly acknowledged that it was a mistake. Later they also added that the security staff’s action was not right.

Sturridge is banned from football

According to Dailymail, the English attacker Daniel Sturridge has been banned from football for four months due to violating some betting rules.
You may remember that last July, Sturridge was banned for getting his family informed about the details of his transfer negotiations. The England striker was also handed a fine of £75,000. But the FA wanted him to be deterred for six months.
So they launched an appeal, as a result of which Daniel Sturridge has been suspended from playing for any teams until June 17, 2020. And the fine also doubled. Now the former Chelsea and Liverpool forward have to pay £150,000 as well.

Chris Smalling may go to Spurs

You may have already known that Chris Smalling is currently in his loan spell with Roma. In summer Roma is hoping to pay £14 million in order to keep Smalling in their team. But Manchester United wants £17 million for the English center-back.
Tottenham Hotspur need a central defender, and Chris Smalling may be an attractive target. Smalling impressed the club with his play in Roma this season.

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