Welcome to another episode of “off the pitch.” Dana talks about different off-pitch rumors and transfers. Let’s find out the latest rumors in the football world.

Lionel Messi’s shocking transfer

The current winner of Ballon d’Or is connected with Manchester City and United. Both teams are trying to sign Lionel Messi, but can it be true? Last week, English journalists started talking about the upcoming transfer that can shock the world. As it seems, Lionel Messi wants to change the team, and Manchester City is the main favorite if we trust bookmakers.

As you may know, Guardiola was the coach of Lionel Messi eight years ago, and he would be a leading candidate to coach him next season. Pep Guardiola is the coach of Premier League back-to-back champions. The owner of Manchester City will be happy to sign Lionel Messi, and it does not matter what transfer fee would be asked from Barcelona.

Journalists asked Pep Guardiola about the rumors, and he denied it. At the same time, Pep said that everything is possible. Guardiola dreams for Messi to play stay in Barcelona and retire in Catalonia. Pep Guardiola is a big fan of Barcelona, and he said that Messi is a critical persona of the Catalonian team.

Barcelona wants to buy Adama Traore

Wolves’ winger, Adama Traore, is a unique player in this season. His team is one of the leaders in the Premier League. Traore is speedy, and he can dribble through a few defenders without any problems.

Traore was playing for Barcelona, and he recalled that career period. Wolves player believes that he left Barcelona because they were not trusting his skills. Adama says that Barcelona’s denial was the biggest motivation for him. Traore also noted that if Real Madrid calls, he won’t deny the offer because Los Blancos is a considerable team.

Barcelona wants to sign Adama Traore and replace Ousmane Dembele. Barcelona paid more than 120 million Euros for Ousmane Dembele. Unfortunately, injuries were the main concern for the French attacker, and he is still injured and can’t help the team. Adama would be a good signing for Barcelona as they need a healthy and fit winger.

Jack Grealish dream to play for Manchester United

As you may know, Manchester United’s coach is not happy with the current squad. Ole said that only a few players are worth playing for futuristic Manchester. The coach said that he would be glad to let few players leave the team right now, but they have contracts. Experts believe that Manchester United will be able to sign any player in the summer of 2020.

Jack Grealish is one of the first players to look after. Aston Villa’s midfielder is a big fan of Manchester United. Ole is also hoping that Jack can sign for United. English teams are trying to sign players before the Euro 2020 and make sure that squad is strong. Chelsea is already negotiating with Hakim Ziyech and Jayden Sancho. At the same time, Manchester United wants to strengthen the team and sign Jack Grealish while they have a chance.


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