IFAB have made the decision. The clubs will be able to make five changes.

According to the decision of the Body regulating the Rules – International Football Association Board (IFAB), football clubs will be able to take advantage of the temporary rules introduced in the rules of football. According to the new regulation, each club can use five changes during the match.

The IFAB made the decision due to a long pause caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, in order to minimize the risk of injuries after the football season is resumed.

According to the ordinance, in order for teams not to use the new rule to waste time, they will be required to use three changes during the match, and two during breaks or at a time compensated by the referee.

Thus, the clubs will be able to take advantage of the temporary rules from today. One team will be able to make five changes in one match.


The decision about five changes is voluntary.


The change in the rules will also apply to those championships that did not take a break during the pandemic.

It should be noted that the IFAB decision is voluntary and will be used by the football leagues if desired.

As you may know, the Spanish La Liga was one of the first to support the initiative to use five changes. So, they will most likely take advantage of the temporary update after the season resumes.

Recall that the European Football Championship did not stop only in Belarus. It has already been decided that the German Bundesliga will be renewed on May 16. The Croatian championship – on May 30. The French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 have been declared premature.