We are already accustomed to the fact that the Old Lady are having constant issues in attack. Some forwards (including Higuain) are suffering different problems like injuries or yellow cards.


For that, Juve are lacking too many forwards in the recent matches and do not have enough replacement options. Therefore they need at least one more striker to feel more safe and confident.
According to some reports, Juventus want to add an offensive player in the summer of 2020. The old lady is in the process of observing two players: Mauro Icardi and Gabriel Jesus.


Gabriel Jesus


Gabriel Jesus has become a better player under Pep Guardiola. But the Brazilian player does not play often. That’s why it was reported that the 22-year-old is going to change his club.

You may remember that about the forward’s departure from the English club was also reported last summer, but that did not happen.


Mauro Icardi


In addition to the transfer of Gabriel Jesus, Juventus are also considering Mauro Icard’s option. Mauro has some experience of playing in Serie A.

He is currently owned by Inter, though he is playing for Paris Saint-Germain on a lease. Milan are reluctant to his return, and the Parisians are not sure they will want to keep the Argentine after the end of the season. As a result, the Old Lady will have more chances to buy the player.


The Old Lady will have to choose one option


Juventus will try to add either of these. But they will definitely have to make a choice between these two as it is unlikely that two such high-profile forwards can be bought simultaneously.

You may have already known that Sergio Aguero’s contract expires in 2021, and according to some rumors, he wants to return to Argentina. But Guardiola wants Jesus to learn more from Aguero.