Manchester United Coach, Solskjaer said that social media platforms should cease spreading hate after Paul Pogba was abused online last week. Pogba missed a penalty against Wolves.


SolskjaerThe French midfielder is the third player to be abused in a week. “We have to do something about it and authorities have to do something.” Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reacted.

The other reaction was from the former United defender Phil Neville. He advised the players to quit social media as a way of showing intolerance to racism and other social discrimination.

This week, Twitter stated that it will have a meeting with Manchester united representatives and anti-social abuse campaigners. Racial discrimination must be Kicked out!

Is there a fight between Pogba and Rashford?

The Red Devils missed the moments of legends such as Eric Kantona, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. These were the moments when penalty taking was not big problem to the fans.

I do not mean all these legends never missed any penalty during their career in Old Trafford. The fact is the fans used to believe in them even if they missed to score. However, these legends rarely missed.

Meanwhile, Solskjaer confirmed that he is not going to change his policy on the two designated penalty takers. The negative reactions and comments are not going to be part of his coaching skills any time soon.

The Norwegian said, “I’m sure you’re going to see Pogba score a penalty for United again. Don’t be surprised if Marcus or Paul score the next one. There’s no fighting among them.”

It is true that, the two designated penalty takers for the Red Devils have no fight. This is because Marcus Rashford and Harry Maguire were the first to defend Pogba after he was abused on social media last week. Besides, the two players seem to have a lot of mutual connection whenever they play together in the field.

Solskjaer also took time to clarify the transfer of Alexis Sanchez to Inter. He said that talking about concerning Alexis transfer is still on and the player still remains at Old Trafford until the talk ing is finalized.

The Bottom line

The fans who are using the social media as storm are only trying to show if there is some fight between Pogba and Rashford. The fact is, they are both the best players in the Solskjaer’s squad. The question of who should take a penalty has never been our concern as fans.