Welcome to another episode of the “Off the pitch”. Dana is back with another episode of the “Off the pitch” and she will review the latest news and rumors in the football world.


Ole Gunnar’s situation in Manchester

As you may know, MU is not in a good run. Team can win against Everton at Goodison park but lose the game in Turkey. Fans believe that Manchester United became an unpredictable team. They can win one game and lose the match to someone that is not a powerful club. Ole’s career in MU is under radar. The management is considering many options for Ole. In one case he may leave Manchester United. A big win on Saturday against Everton kept Ole’s chances in Manchester alive. Andy Cole, legendary striker of MU, said that he is happy with Ole. Former players noted that management should give Ole a chance to the coach. There are many ups and downs in the football world, so they need to let Ole work. 

Artem Dzuyba dropped the squad of Russia and reason is jaw dropping

What could be the reason for dropping from the national team? Well, Arten has a very funny and jaw dropping reason. Hackers leaked videos of Artem where he was masturbating. In the wake of the big scandal, Russia’s national team coach dropped Dzyuba from the squad. The coach said that this kind of silly and immoral stuff has to take place in Russian football squad. Keep in mind that video was published a day before the clash between Zenit and Krasnodar. Dzyuba is the player of the Zenit and he could not concentrate fully on the match. The striker ever missed the penalty. Finally, he could focus on the second half and scored the winner. His team won with two goals difference. After the match, Artem posted on Instagram and noted that he is very sorry for the video and it’s a hard lesson. Artem also mentioned that the only person to blame is himsel. He will try to recover from the scandal and get a better player for the club and national team.

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