Dana and Justin are back again with another episode of the “Goal Post”. They will review the main matches of matchweek 14 of Premier League.


Everton 2-1 Arsenal

Carlo’s team is back on the track. After a win against Arsenal, they still have a chance to get into the top four. Everton was very active from the start and they scored their first goal in the game. In the 22nd minute, Everton scored a goal and it was an own-goal from the defender of Arsenal. In just a few minutes, Arsenal took the chance and used the penalty. In the middle of the half, the referee pointed to the penalty spot. The Arsenal midfielder took the ball and scored a goal. Pepe’s goal was the equalizer and everyone thought that Arsenal would attack more in the next minute. It did not go well for Arsenal as they conceded another goal before the whistle of the referee. In the end of the first half, Mina scored a goal and registered the final result. Everton’s fans believe that Mina’s magic was visible everywhere. He was playing very well in defense and also he was very aggressive during the corner kicks. 

Tottenham 0-2 Leicester

Jose’s team is on a bad run in the last three matches. Team can’t get a win, especially at home-stadium. In the last three matches of the Premier League, Tottenham took only one point. It’s a catastrophic situation for Jose Mourinho as he wants to win a Premier League trophy this season. Three rounds ago, the team was in a good situation as they were close to Liverpool. Currently Tottenham is far away from Liverpool.

Leicester was very active in the attacking phrase. Jamie Vardy got a chance to score from the penalty spot in the first half. During the extra-time of the first half, the referee pointed to the penalty spot. Jamie Vardy took the ball and converted the shot into the goal. In the second half, Tottenham tried to attack more but they could not defend well. Leicester’s attacking line was more accurate and decisive. In the first 15 minutes of the second half, Leicester scored two goals. First was checked by VAR and decided to rule out due to offside. Second goal was scored by the defender of Tottenham and it was an own-goal. Leicester took a two-goal lead and won a very important game. Tottenham is in fifth position and the team has a six-points gap with leader Liverpool.

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