Iconic former player and manager Otto Rehhagel has praised the progress made by his compatriot Jurgen Klopp in Liverpool.

Jurgen Klopp’s “Unique” coaching

The iconic football coach Otto Rehhagel sang the praises of Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, saying he is “unique” and able to take responsibility for any team in the world. The 81-year-old coach has rich football experience, curated the German record for 832 Bundesliga games, and led Greece to an unlikely victory at Euro 2004 in Portugal. Jurgen meanwhile frolics his niche in the football pantheon of dreams, when Liverpool have won with dramatic comeback over Barcelona. And the former boss of Mainz and Borussia Dortmund continued this trend, leading the Anfield club to the touching distance of his first Premier League title.

Klopp inspires his squad

Otto is full of admiration for what his compatriot has achieved, and says that now he is in a position in which he can make a career in any direction he wants.“Jürgen’s career is unique, just wonderful.” “I was disturbed that he would not lose the football game! “Klopp can inspire his team – and Liverpool has a lot of money. But with the players signed by him, he made the right choice.” I can’t say where his career will edged. He is still young and will grow. The English championship is now essential for him too. He can do anything in the future.

Liverpool squad respects Jurgen

“He could be the coach of the national team, the coach in Bayern Munich – anything he wants. All doors are open for him.”Otto says the secret is that a good coach knows how to build a squad and is allowed to put it together. “I could not score goals from the bench, and Klopp also can’t,” he said. “But if you have an absolute word, you can assemble your team. Klopp has a perfect name in Liverpool. He knows how to strengthen his squad. Liverpool could come within four wins of the Premier League title when it hits West Ham at Anfield on Monday. A win would regain a 22-point lead over second-placed Manchester City, with 11 games left.