The Palermo captain Alessandro Martinelli ended his career at the age of 27. The reason is heart problems.

Palermo captain Alessandro Martinelli was forced to end his professional football career at the age of 27. For the young player, the reason for hanging the boots on the nail was heart problems.

“In-depth medical examinations conducted in the last few weeks have shown that Alessandro Martinelli will no longer be able to keep playing football.

All members of Palermo express their deep regret and support for Martinelli. “He was one of the outstanding heroes who made the greatest contribution to the club’s re-emergence and a leader as well both on and off the pitch – with extraordinary moral character and sporting talent,” Rosanero said in a statement.

Recall that last year, the Sicilian club went bankrupt and was forced to start playing Italian football from Serie D, and in the first season, they were able to advance to the top division by one step.

Football fans are familiar with Martinelli performing in Sampdoria, Venice, Modena, and Brescia. In 2019, he joined Palermo.

The 27-year-old footballer underwent a mandatory medical examination before the start of the new season. However, tests conducted showed abnormal heart rates.