The former Manchester United defender expressed his worry on Instagram-Live. The 39-year-old Frenchman does not like the fact that the past of the club is not properly respected.

The former French national team and Manchester United defender Patrice Evra spoke with regret about his former club live on Instagram. The 39-year-old Frenchman, who ended his playing career in 2019, does not like the current situation at Manchester United.

“Manchester United has turned into a club they just laugh at. Our fans are the best in the world. Even when a player has played badly, he was never whistled – never! But now they whistle, and that’s because they changed.

When we lost 1: 4 to Liverpool at Old Trafford, entering the stands, I could only hear “United,” “United!” And I ashamed of myself. As we entered the locker room, Sir Alex Ferguson said, “Do you understand, boys? Now we owe it to them to win the championship for them.” “Liverpool were 8 points ahead of us at that moment, but we still won the Premier League,” Evra recalled.

The Frenchman does not like the fact that the Manchester club does not respect the past, the legendary coach, or the players.

“The club should not be so arrogant anymore. There are people out there today who do not even respect Sir Alex Ferguson. Take care of the club’s legacy. Roy Keane came to the ‘Carrington’ (the club’s training base) and talked to some kids. But these kids had no idea who they were talking to. “Maybe they don’t even know who Bobby Charlton is.”

Patrice Evra defended the honor of Manchester United in 2006-14 and with him became the Premier League champion five times, once winning the Champions League. The defender, who has also played for Nice, Monaco, Juventus, Marseille, and West Ham throughout his career, won a silver medal at Euro 2016 with the French national team.