It’s more likely that Manchester United will sell Paul Pogba in 2020. Rumors say that Manchester United officials are tired of Paul’s injuries and want to sell him in a few months.

The connection between Paul Pogba and Zinedine Zidane

As you may know, three weeks ago, Zidane and Paul were together. In mid October, Zidane attended the training for coaches in Dubai. Keep in mind that Pogba is recovering from injury exactly in Dubai. Journalists took photos where Zidane and Pogba secretly met and talked a lot.

It seems that Zidane has a perfect relationship with Pogba. There were countless moments when Zidane praised Paul’s talent. Zidane said many times that Pogba would be an ideal fit for Los Blancos. Even on Friday, midday, during the press-conference, Zidane said that nothing is impossible regarding a question about Paul’s transfer to Real Madrid.

Paul’s contract with Manchester United

Pogba got injury in September. Since September, Paul is recovering from injury but can’t return to the training ground. Rumors suggest that Manchester United officials are tired of Paul’s injuries and needs. Paul is set to miss half of the season, and it’s disastrous for Manchester United in the Premier League.

Paul Pogba will go in the last year of the contract in 2020, so it’s time to think about the future. There are two options for Manchester United – sell or extend the contract with better yearly salary. Rumors believe that MU officials won’t extend the agreement and put sales tag on the player in the summer of 2020.

L’Équipe journalists believe in Paul’s transfer to Real Madrid

French newspaper, L’Équipe, suggests that Paul Pogba will leave Manchester United in the summer of 2020. Journalists believe that transfer could be a real deal until the start of Euro 2020. According to rumors, Manchester United will ask for 150 Million Euros for French players, and Real Madrid could be ready for such a transfer fee.