Agent Mino Raiola claims Paul Pogba cannot miss a club and that even his five-year-old grandson can find him a new club.


Raiola, who holds a very special place in world football, claims that he never wanted to take his client away from Manchester United. He explained how easy it would be to find Paul Pogba a new club.

Pogba suffered a series of injuries at Manchester United and has not been so much involved. Also, reports claim that Pogba wants to leave and a return to Turin could be on the card. The Super-Agent has praised his client that it is easy to find him a club.

“I don’t think in Italy they consider me to be a criminal. In England, some former players get nervous when I talk about Pogba and Manchester United. I think they look at me like that. But I also think that deep down, they always think, ‘I would have loved him as my agent when I was a player.’ ” Raiola said.

“When (Sir Alex) Ferguson criticized me, it was my biggest compliment anyone could have given me. Ferguson is used to people coming in and saying, ‘Yes, sir. Yes, sir… I didn’t want to take him away. Ferguson, on the other hand, did not believe in the player,” Pogba’s agent claims.

“Today, if someone asks me ‘Can you find a club for Paul?’, Even my five-year-old grandson can find him a new club,” the super-agent stated.

“Paul has a fantastic charm all over the world. Maybe the annoyance of the big move, the weird story of him leaving for free and then coming back for a large transfer was something people weren’t used to. Maybe this haunted him for a while. But I think it should be appreciated overall,” Raiola said.

Pogba left Old Trafford as a teenager in 2012, only to re-sign for the club at a world record fee.