Paul Pogba scored a winning goal in Milan. Manchester United went into the next round of Europa League.


Paul Pogba is back in action

Ole was not happy by the injury of Paul Pogba. The French midfield player could not help MU for a few months. He is back in action and scored a very important goal in Milan. Keep in mind that Spanish media connected Paul Pogba with Real Madrid. He is very close to Zinedine Zidane and it’s not a big surprise that people connect him with Real Madrid. Pogba missed a big portion of the season in Manchester this season and that’s why Ole was not satisfied with the French’s decision. Fortunately to MU fans, Pogba is back in action and can score important goals.


Interesting line-ups in the game

Pioli decided to play with a very interesting strategy. First of all, Zlatan was not in the  starting line-up. Italian Media decided to criticize the coach after the game because of the bad selection of the squad. Keep in mind that AC Milan had a chance for Italian Serie A and Europa League last week but the coach and the team lost very important games in both tournaments and now they can’t win both. Unfortunately to AC Milan fans, Serie A title is also far away because main opponent, Inter Milan, is ahead with few points that could be decisive for the championship. In the game against MU, Pioli played with this line-up: Saelemakerers as a winger on the left. Calhanoglu was playing as the main striker in the box of the MU’s goalkeeper. Castillejo was attacking MU from a right wing. Paul Pogba scored a decisive goal in the second half. Milan players had only a few minutes left to change the situation. Pioli made serious changes in the attacking line but it was not enough to qualify to the next round.