Despite the newest round of rumours, Paulo Dybala wants to stay at Juventus

If you are completely baffled as to where Paulo Dybala could be playing his football next season. You are not the only one; the uncertainty surrounding his transfer rumours make it even more puzzled. Read on to get a better idea of where he could be featuring next.

Paulo Dybala in the transfer news, a possible swap with Lakuku

As we have seen Juventus doing plenty of additions to its roster but not a lot of releases. Now with the end of July, we are approaching the final stretch of rumours. Paulo Dybala is in the news with the rumours of transfer in this summer transfer window.

There is a significant interest from across Europe to fetch in the Argentine forward, and one of them can make it as per news outlets. The possibility of the transfer seems legit as per the interest from other clubs. However, the 25-year-old is number 10 for the Juventus and wants to remain the same.

Dybala will probably return early from him Copa America vacations and prove himself in Maurizio Sarri’s attack-minded system.

As per the news, Juventus is also in the talks trying to sign Lukaku. Romelu is the current Manchester Uniter striker and a Belgian professional footballer. The 26-year-old is also on Inter Milan’s radar for pretty much the entire summer.

The Transfer

As per Tuttosport, Manchester United want 94$ million for Romelu Lukaku. The Juventus values Dybala at

On Sunday morning, Tuttosport reported that United want 94$ million for Lukaku, while Juventus currently value Dybala at 111$ million. So the transfer is likely if the Red Devils are ready to spend another 16$ million at least to get the swap deal done. The agreement has to be conducted before the 8th of August as that’s when the Premier League window closes.

Fabio Paratici, Juventus Director of football, said a few months ago that Dybala is not in the transfer market, but the current situation doesn’t hold that true. As there is a lot of changes in the roster already, they might switch Dybala with Lukaka.

At this point of time, it is all guessing game, and everything is uncertain on who stays and who offloads.