According to the latest news, the Bundesliga break will be extended until at least April 2. Of course, that doesn’t mean it will be renewed on April 3.

The Director-General of the German Football League (DFL) Christian Seifert have recently announced about that the German Bundesliga’s 2019/20 season, which was cut short before the 26th round of the Coronavirus outbreak, will not be renewed until at least April 2.

“Everything that seemed safe and ordinary yesterday is no longer the same. We do not know what to expect. It is now a priority to fight against Coronavirus. We are talking about more than just a couple of Bundesliga matches. It is a matter of survival. We will be playing again in April. We plan to hold a meeting on March 30.” – says Seifert.

On March 13, they decided to take a temporary break in the first and second Bundesliga. Because of the coronavirus epidemic, UEFA is planning an emergency meeting on March 17.


Potential date for German clubs of the season renewal


As you may know, it was initially suggested that the season should be renewed on April 2, but according to the latest data, it is not possible until the end of April.

According to a tentative calendar of German clubs, if everything goes according to the plans, the season will resume on May, 2.


Flick: “That’s more important than Treble now!”


Bayern Munich head coach Hans Flick made an interesting statement:

“We have a chance to finish successfully in all three tournaments and finally win the Treble.

However, there are more important things in life than the Treble, and this is health first of all. I agree with stopping the matches. I hope everything will be over soon. ” – stated Flick.