Legendary Brazilian footballer Pele has named the best player in modernity.

“I think Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world right now – he stands out most for stability. But, of course, we should not forget Leo Messi either.”

Also, the “King of Football” was asked about the best player of all time.

“Who is the best in history? This is a difficult question. We must not forget Zico, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, and the Europeans – Beckenbauer, Cruyff. But I think Pele was the best of all.

Why? Because everyone, including those players, were compared to me. ” – Quotes Pele’s words the Portuguese edition ‘A Bola.’


Pele spoke about his post-operative depression and health condition


Legendary Brazilian footballer Pele also spoke about his health condition and said that not all rumors were right about him.

In February 2020, Pelé’s son, Edinho, noted that after undergoing thigh replacement surgery, his father was depressed and complaining of a psychological condition. But Pele has recently refused that fact and said that it was an exaggeration.

After 79-year-old Pelé, had undergone pelvic bone surgery and rehabilitation, he had difficulty moving independently for several months. But he feels better now.

“Sometimes I have a good day, sometimes a bad one, and it’s normal for a person of my age.

Depression? I don’t know if I was misunderstood. During the latest two years, I have had problems both on the hips and elsewhere. So, they started feeling anxious, and I appreciate it. Though my depression was already a fictional story.

When I felt the pains at some point, I still did not refuse to give an interview. Then I even confessed that I was worried. But now I just can’t handle the bike. After all that I have done in the sport, yet I am fine, ” – CNN Brasil quotes Pele.

Pele is the only player in the world to have won the World Championship three times – in 1958, 1962 and 1970. The Brazilian was featured in his native Santos and the American New York Cosmos throughout his career.