Guardiola expects a quick decision on whether Mikel Arteta will become Arsenal’s new manager. He further says he can’t make an argument for the former Gunner not taking the job.

City’s assistant manager has had talks with senior Arsenal figures about the possibility of replacing Unai Emery.

“I think it is going to happen quickly.” Says Guardiola.

37-year-old Arteta had two rounds of discussions with the Gunners on Tuesday. Afterward, he took part in City’s training.

Arsenal’s chief executive, Vinai Venkatesham was pictured outside Arteta’s home after both flew north following City’s 3-0 win at Arsenal on Sunday.

It not yet known if Arteta has been offered the chance to succeed Emery who was dismissed in November.

Guardiola on the other part has been kept informed of discussions. To some degree, he has also spoken to Arteta.

Speculations claim that he (Pep) wants to leave the man he brought onto his coaching team when he joined City in 2016 to make his own decisions.

Arteta has been touted as Guardiola’s successor at Etihad Stadium. Although, that has not played any part in the chats the pair have had.

“Do you want to sack me?” Guardiola smiled.

“We have talked about it a little bit. But his feelings are his feelings. I am a guy who lets people live with freedom and do what they want. The reason being, that is what they want at the moment, for their lives, family, professionally and individually.”

“Mikel knows exactly what we think about him. After that, we cannot do more.”

With all factors kept constant, Guardiola says he was surprised no one at Arsenal raised their interest in Arteta to senior City officials on Sunday.

Arsenal is 10th in the Premier League. This makes Guardiola wonder how easy the task of rebuilding the club will be for Arteta if he does go.

“Arsenal was always one of the best teams for the last 20 years.” Added Guardiola.

“When Arsene took over the team, he raised the club to another level. But in the last years, they are struggling a little bit.”

“When the club decides to replace the manager or buy players, it is always to try to be better. Whether it is going to happen or not, I don’t know.”  He concluded.