Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has insisted he doesn’t regret his team selection because he trusts his players.


Guardiola saw his side suffered a 2-1 loss to a 10 men Leeds United at Etihad Stadium and has jumped to defend his selection. He insisted that he would not have selected them if he didn’t trust them.

When asked about his selection after the match he insists when things go wrong they question the selection. Guardiola also insisted that he had no regrets over his team selection

“When you lose [the selection is a mistake] when we win, I am a genius,” Guardiola answered.

“I do not regret [the choices] because I trust them. If I didn’t trust them, they would not play,” he insisted.

“Everyone was good. It was a game of transitions. We had to avoid it, they did it,” Pep added.

“At 10 v 11, we need inspiration and we can’t let them run [from deep]. We did it for a long time but then Raphinha had a chance and Eddie [Ederson] saved – and then they scored,” he explained.

“When you attack and attack and attack, you have to control and not let them run,” he continued.

On Leeds United, Guardiola admits that they come back more aggressive. He hailed their tenacity after that surprising upset win. Guardiola singled out Leeds United’s tenacity and congratulated them.

“I congratulate Leeds first of all,” Guardiola insists.

“Against Leeds, it’s difficult because they are used to winning duels. And when you beat that duel, they come back more aggressive than before to come back to dribble again. So it was a game of transitions, we have to avoid it, they did it,” he explained.

“We defended their goal kick well from short too long. Then after, ten against 11, just being there we needed the inspiration of the players and especially not to let them run. We did it during 57 minutes, but before the goal we conceded, Raphinha had a chance. Eddy saved and the second one at the end we could not control it. We have to,” Guardiola admits.