Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola blasts team news leak ‘unprofessional and unethical’ following Villa Jack Grealish’s injury news.

After Aston Villa banned their squad from playing Fantasy Football, Guardiola has echoed his Villa counterpart that such leaks should stop. Aston Villa boss Dean Smith was furious at leaks over Jack Grealish’s injury when the news came out online.

Smith was disappointed after news of several players removing the injured Jack Grealish from their fantasy football sides seeped out on social media.

Despite Guardiola does not know what Fantasy Football is, he charged anything to the detriment of teams ought to stop.

“I know the players play these games but I don’t know what fantasy football is. I’ve never played it and I heard it for the first time yesterday on Sky,” the City boss said.

“Sometimes you make a team selection and players are friends with other teams and they talk about what you do. Sometimes it happens, it’s incredibly unethical and unprofessional but you cannot control everything,” Pep added.

Meanwhile, Pep side Manchester City are in action on Wednesday night against Borussia Monchengladbach in Budapest for the Champions League last-16 first leg away.

Manchester City has never reached the last four under the Catalan with last season’s shock quarter-final defeat by Lyon. Manchester City lost to Lyon last season to bail out of the champions league.

However, Guardiola has insisted he is not interested in the past

“I’m not a big fan of saying that experiences help you. All the times when we went out we were in high level, we were so close,” he said.

“Against Tottenham (2019) and Lyon (2020), we were better but we were out. We have to play good but the desire is there, what do we have to do to beat them – no more,” he continued. “And after that, we see the second leg and then onto the quarters if we are good enough. No more expectations than that. It’s just this game.”