A few days ago people were in shock as they found that Peter Lim sacked Marcelino. Valencia head coach was criticizing sporting director and owners of the team.

Marcelino was not happy with the current squad. Former coach criticized not only team but also Peter Lim for not buying suitable players. As we know, Peter Lim and Marcelino had a difficult debate about Rafinha’s transfer. In the end, Valencia could not get Rafinha and experts say that it’s because Peter did not want that specific player in Valencia.

Marcelino talked a lot about the chance for La Liga trophy. Former Valencia coach mentioned successful transfer politics of Real Betis and Sevilla. The Spanish coach was not happy with the summer transfer window. Last week he noted that Valencia had a very short squad and it was impossible to fight against big teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico.

Strict relationship between Peter Lim and Marcelino

Peter Lim was not happy with last season La Liga results. Rumors say that Lim was ready to sack coach in May 2019, but he changed mind after winning Copa Del Rey. Marcelino’s team won Copa trophy against Barcelona in 3 goal thriller.

That match changed Lim’s mind, and he gave another chance to Spanish coach. As it seems, the owner and coach could not agree on transfers. Marcelino wanted Rafinha as he tried to expand attacking side of Valencia, but Lim was against that decision.

Valencia players paid tribute to former coach

Parejo was the first player who posted about Marcelino on social media. Midfielder expressed tremendous gratitude towards Marcelino and wished him luck.

Ezequiel Garay also posted about the coach and thanked him for everything. Rodrigo also mentioned Marcelino’s role in his improved skills and wished him nothing but the best in the next journey.

Valencia players love Marcelino, as all of them posted a tribute on social media. Jose Luis Gaya, Carlos Soler and Gabriel Paulista also posted about coach departure.

What’s next for Valencia?

Is it a real crisis? What will be next for Valencia? As it seems, Valencia coaches can’t make a serious decision without approval from the club owner. There is a big protest in Valencia as fans are not happy with results and coach departure

The dressing room is not happy with Peter’s decision. The team loved Marcelino and was ready to achieve more this season and also defend Copa Del Rey trophy.

Albert Celades is a new coach of Valencia. Celades met with journalists two days ago and talked about a new challenge. As it seems, new coach is ready for this challenge and they will try to improve quality of performance every day.