England forward Phil Foden fires his side Manchester City past Aston Villa after another starring performance on Wednesday night.


Foden yet again starred to keep the City fire burning after the weekend’s FA Cup disappointment against Chelsea. Notably, Foden’s form has improved over the past few weeks rising to occasion especially against Borussia Dortmund.

As a result, the young forward received plenty of praise from his manager following an excellent display over Villa.

“He’s growing. This guy is growing. He’s making steps every time he steps forward. His influence in our game is massive right now,” Guardiola said.

“He scored, provoked the three yellow cards. In the final third he created and ran a lot, so aggressive with and without the ball. He’s becoming a serious player,” Pep praised Foden.

“There are guys that are 19, 20 years old that are unstoppables and when they are 29, 30 they are not. The players mark what they are on the pitch and that dictates who they are.

“Phil right now is becoming such an important player. Against Dortmund, he scored a goal, the second one, the cross for the penalty the final goal in the last minute against Dortmund at home. His influence in the final third is so important.  He can play wide, play inside. He’s so aggressive with the ball,” he continued.

Also, City Captain Fernandinho praised the youngster. He could not keep it to himself, claims he knows the kid very well.

“I know him about five years now so since he was a little boy he’s been with us and shown his quality. No doubt about that,” Fernandinho said.

“Of course he is really mature now and he is choosing better actions and today he scored and in another game, he was awesome as well,” he added.

“I’m so pleased and happy for him because he’s a nice guy. A nice boy and he deserves the best in this life,” Fernandinho concluded.