Phil Thompson admits “it would be extremely hard to say Liverpool aren’t champions” as questions are asked of whether the 2019-20 Premier League campaign will be completed.

Extremely hard to say LFC are not champions

The Reds former captain Phil Thompson says that “it would be tough to say that Liverpool are not champions,” as they ask whether the 2019-20 Premier League campaign will be completed and the Reds crowned. Jurgen Klopp’s side sits at 25 points at the top of the table. The first triumph for the title in 30 years is at a touching distance for those who are at Anfield, but they are still under the line with nine games left to accept. It is not yet clear whether this will happen since the global coronavirus pandemic has led to a delay in athletic activity worldwide. English football has joined those who shut down, which casts doubt on whether Liverpool will plant the long-awaited piece of silverware and cause confusion when it comes to career advancement and dropouts.

This season should be played

Phil believes that the season should be played, regardless of when it happens, and feels that those on Merseyside will be recognized as winners of the title at some point. The former Liverpool captain told journalists when he pressured by suggestions that the campaign could be declared null and avoid: “There are still consequences, even if you do.” What are you doing with the teams in the Champions League? Since Leicester City is pretty healthy in third place, they would be anxious if you went to the teams that finished in the top four last season. It will not just end in nothingness. It is a dire and unprecedented situation. “But it’s not like Liverpool have two points, they are 25 points, and we are three-quarters of the way through the season. It would be challenging to say that Liverpool are not champions.”

Thompson added, answering the question of whether he sees the potential return date of April 4 as a little optimistic for playing in England: “I would think so. I think they just let themselves breathing time, and it is not very easy to see it get up and running then. “They will hold meetings, and every day it will change. I watch the news every day, and it varies by the hour. “The game behind closed doors is a moot point. I believe that football is nothing without fans, it is a game of fans, and I like to think that it can resume and fixtures will be completed.” “After Jurgen Klopp said there are more questions, it would be nice if the fittings would be completed, because so many issues have to be solved.”