Stefano Pioli has claimed AC Milan are distracted by the Super League controversy after losing 2-1 to Sassuolo.

Milan lost 2-1 at home on Wednesday night but the boss insists they are focused. The Rossoneri now falls to third place after the loss.

“It didn’t distract us. Nothing is distracting us. We are focused on our target,” Pioli insisted.

“The remaining part of the season will be very difficult, but we need to remain focused and can’t get distracted from something we haven’t decided.

“We have no fear. It’s a privilege to have this pressure. We are fighting for a Champions League spot and we want to achieve it,” Pioli added.

However, Pioli admits the disappointment of the results. He claimed that AC Milan needs to change the chapter and transform.

“We need to change chapter now, a defeat is always disappointing, but we need to transform this disappointment into determination,” Pioli claimed.

“Our future depends on the games against our direct rivals. We played a good match today. We’ll analyze all the situations, but we must be more clear-minded,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Inter Milan coach Conte claims he is satisfied with his sides 1-1 against Spezia. Conte claimed he had no complaints after their 1-1 draw with Spezia.

“The pressure is inevitable, as let’s not forget that many players are challenging for something important for the first time. They are doing it very well and I think we could easily have deserved the win,” Conte said.

“I was happy with the intensity of the performance, though we could’ve had more quality in the final third.

Conte added, “I saw a lot right and we tried to the end for a winning goal. I am above all pleased with the performance. Inevitably, there are fewer rounds left. We can see the finish line, and the pressure is taking its toll.”