Robert Pires met with the journalist of Spanish newspaper, AS. French player talked about many things including the possible career with Real Madrid.

What’s Robert Pires doing nowadays?

Robert met with journalists with a smile on his face. He talked about his past career choices and tough moments in life. Pires said that he hung up the boots 9 years ago and still, he is connected with football. Robert Pires is working as a pundit on French television and also he is ambassador of UEFA and Arsenal.

Not choosing Real Madrid

Pires recalled the moment when he got a call from the agent. His agent mentioned that there were three offers from the biggest clubs in the world. Arsenal, Real Madrid and Juventus wanted to sign RObert Pires. Former midfielder believes that it was a very tough decision for him. The player mentioned that he rejected Real Madrid because Arsene Wenger personally talked with him. So, it was obvious that Arsenal as a project had big interest in him. 

Family wanted Pires to sign for Real Madrid

Robert Pires mentioned that his mother is Spanish, so she wanted Robert to play for Real Madrid. Player said that moment when he called mother about the decision, she called him crazy as he did not know English. Pires said that he knew nothing about English language and that’s why the family wanted him to play for a team that he could easily communicate with (in this case, Real Madrid). Robert Pires signed for Arsenal and the whole family was in shock. Friends were asking Pires to play for Los Blancos as he could not reject the bid from Galactico. Pires made different choices. 

Kylian Mbappe in Real Madrid

Journalist asked him about Kylian Mbappe’s future. Pires mentioned that Mbappe is still young but joining Real Madrid would bring him into another level.