Jurgen Klopp made Liverpool champions of the Premier League for the first time since 1990. The 30-year period of frustration ended on June 25, 2020.

Jurgen Klopp deserves the monument, most likely to be erected in Liverpool, without any ‘IF’ or ‘BUT.’ The unique German coach managed to bring the cult club around the world back to absolute splendor and managed to make the whole city (if not the whole of England) his own home with his original, almost incomparable style. Even Liverpool’s ‘haters’ can’t say anything bad about a successful Coach from Germany – they also respect Klopp.

In 2015, when Klopp took over at Liverpool, the team faced major challenges. There were also high expectations for the German Coach. At first, things weren’t going well, so he had to listen to the criticism, and it took time – in principle, like everyone else. Though he was not alone, on the way to the peak, Klopp took everyone with him: the leaders, the staff, the players, and the fans. It was necessary to maintain the atmosphere he created in Liverpool – not only in the dressing room, where there are only coaches and players but also in the club as a whole. Jurgen is a unique motivator that everyone loves or at least respects. So it was in Michigan, so it was in Dortmund, and so it was in Liverpool.

Last year, he won the Champions League with the Merseysiders – the most prestigious club tournament. Won with impressive football, ‘Anfield’ with magical evenings, a mix of talents and stars that Klopp himself created and formed. By winning the Champions League, he conquered the main peak, bringing the whole city to its knees. But those who thought they could do no more than that were mistaken! Proof of this is the English Championship – after a 30-year pause, seven rounds before the end of the season!