Leading European football countries are preparing for the renewal of the PL season. The Bundesliga and the Premier League have made specific plans.

Testing of the first and second Bundesliga players Koronavirus has started in Germany today, Premier League clubs are also preparing. According to the English media, fans can hope that the season will be renewed, but it seems that this idea scares many players in England.

“According to an anonymous survey, too many players do not agree with the idea of renewing the season. “They think it’s dangerous,” a spokesman for one of the Premier League’s clubs told ESPN, who did not want to be named.

Imagine if someone died in any club, it would be a big shock and a sorrowful story. Then everyone will regret it! ”


Only infected players will be quarantined?


A few days ago, Jonas Bayer-Hoffmann, Secretary-General of FIFPro, the International Association of Players, also criticized the issue.

“Players are very nervous about returning to the pitch and the risk of infection. They are nervous about their friends and family, ”he told the Sun.

The union conducted an anonymous survey among the players and revealed that many people are afraid of getting infected now more than a month ago. “It makes sense. They are human beings! ” He added.

Premier League chiefs will discuss the season again on Friday. According to one of the points in the new concept, if someone in the Premier League is tested positive on a coronavirus, the whole team will not be placed in quarantine.

According to the Daily Mail, only infected people will be transferred to quarantine in such a case. Most players do not like this idea.