Lyon kicked out City! – All semi-finalists in the Champions League are known. Pep Guardiola made the first comment after the loss to Lyon.

In the last quarter-final match of the Champions League, French Lyon sensationally defeated Manchester City and will face Bayern in the semi-final.

Josep Guardiola, along with Manchester City, are relegated to the quarter-finals for the third time in a row. At the same time, Pep’s previous seven seasons (at Barcelona and Bayern) have always been successful in this regard, and his team has always reached the semi-finals.

Josep Guardiola (Manchester City manager): “Once, we will break this unpleasant tradition and overcome the quarter-finals. We had a hard time finding spaces in the first 20-25 minutes of the attack. The second half was normal, and we were in the game. I thought we played better than the opponent. But it is not enough to be better. We had to be flawless.

We made a lot of good episodes. But as it turned out, that these episodes were not enough to achieve the goal. We made mistakes and, most unfortunate, made mistakes in penalties and in the most crucial episodes.

The episode of Sterling was important. We had to score, and the game would move into extra time, we conceded here, and it was all over. However, we created more scoring chances and played offensive football against the opponent. Manchester City obviously deserves more than the quarter-finals. We will come back and break this circle. ”