“He who isn’t ready to spit blood for the good of Napoli can stay at home”. Gennaro Gattuso hopes to see a fearless Napoli against Barcelona and has confessed that it’s “useless” to man-mark Barcelona talisman, Leo Messi.

You can’t stop Messi

Argentinian striker Messi cannot be stopped, admits the head of Napoli Gennaro Gattuso. While the Barcelona superstar can do what “you see only on the gaming consoles.” While talking about the undeniable qualities of the Argentine striker. Gennaro is entrusted with the task of containing them. Giants of the La Liga Barça are due on Tuesday in Naples to hold the first tie of the impatiently expected Champions League meeting in the last-16. Messi will likely lead the charge for visitors surrounded once by his fellow countryman Diego Maradona. Napoli does not need to be reminded of what they are up against, with the toughest challenges facing the outfit of Series A.

We need to try to stop him

Their manager is also inferior, Gattuso told journalists: “You can’t stop Messi, but at this moment, my players should try.” We play against Barcelona, ​​not just Messi. It doesn’t make sense to have a Messi brand-name player. Napoli has won six of the last seven games in all competitions and will play with Barcelona in a lively mood. Gennaro, however, is aware that the exploits of the six-time winner of Ballon d’Or Messi can leave his side chasing shadows.” I read that we should label a person Messi, but it’s not only him,” added the former star of AC Milan.

He is an example for children

“Lorenzo Insigne said that he is a great player. Messi is not only great at the football level. Leo is the greatest for how he lived his career. He’s an example for children to be followed; He never says anything inappropriate.” Lionel does what you see only on the gaming consoles, something that you can’t even imagine. “Napoli are against an excellent team consisting of outstanding players. We know that it won’t be elementary, but for my team and me, it is a source of pride to face a team that is stronger than us, who, over the past 10, 15 years, has been one of the best teams in the world. “We should not have any fear,” Messi said that attention to the success of the Champions League is paid to those at the Camp Nou this season, Five years have passed since Barcelona last conquered Europe.