As you know, the media connects many players with “Juve.” We decided to offer you our version of what the composition of “Juve” will be like next season after the desired transfers.

In the offensive line, the main candidate is Harry Kane, who is one of the targets of “Bianconeri.”

Significant changes are planned in the midfield. Juventus have long wanted to bring Pogba back, and the Turinese are also interested in Verratti.

As for the defense, as reported by the press, “Juve” is interested in the addition of Marcelo, who is one of Ronaldo’s best friends. The rest of the backline will most likely be De Ligt, Chiellini, and Cuadrado.

The goalkeeper’s position is inviolable. Szczesny is a high-level keeper, and he is not really in danger.


The Juventus goalkeeper is among the leaders.


Although this season’s Turin Grand Prix show is not a reliable game in the defensive line, it does not affect the Polish Wojciech Szczesny in the slightest.

According to statistics, his game undoubtedly deserves applause. The team after each game is more and more convinced that Szczesny is the right choice for Juventus.

At the beginning of the season, the Polish keeper received maximum support from the club and felt that he was the first despite the return of Gianluigi Buffon to Turin.

Notably, according to statistics, Juve’s number one only lags behind Liverpool’s Alison, who has 80.4% of the rebounds.

Wojciech Szczesny has 79.8%. Also, this is the best result in Italy. Thomas Strakosha (Lazio) is in second place in Serie A. Luigi Sepe, the goalkeeper of Parma, is in third place.

However, Wojciech himself is not going to relax against the background of this excellent result:

“To be honest, these statistics are nothing to me. One of the main tasks of the goalkeeper is to repel the balls, but other aspects are no less important.

Undoubtedly, it is nice to be among the leaders, but the fact is that the doorman is valued by other moments as well. Alison is the best in the world today, and I was lucky to have him by my side. From the very beginning, he seemed to have a lot of talent.”