Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive to Covid-19, so he went back to Italy. At the same time, Portugal won the match against Sweden without problems.


Cristiano Ronaldo was playing perfectly and he was going good. Unfortunately he was tested positive for covid-19 and now he has to stay in quarantine. Cristiano Ronaldo went back to Italy and he will be there alone for 10 more days. 

Portugal started with a very interesting line-up. Jota was playing on the right side, Bernardo Silva on the left side. The spot of Cristiano Ronaldo took Joao Felix and he had a really good performance. Cristiano Ronaldo posted a picture on instagram and stated that he is supporting the young team.

Jota under the spotlight

Jota was the main man of the match. He had all the spotlight needed because he changed the outcome. Firstly, Bernardo Silva scored the goal and Jota assisted him. Jota did not want to stop there and decided to score goals. Joao Cancelo gave an assist to Jota and the striker scored an easy goal. 

Second half was indeed on the side of Portugal. Jota scored his second in the second half. Jota was really playing well and won the personal award.

Portugal is in the first place of the group. Currently Cristiano Ronaldo’s team has 10 points. France has exact-same points and the first spot will be played between these two teams. In November, France will visit Portugal and it will be a match for first place. At the same time, Portugal has an away match against Croatia. Keep in mind that France won a very important match in Croatia on Wednesday evening. Mbappe scored the winning goal and gave three points to France.