As you know, Juventus is actively involved in transfer news every year. The current year’s transfer window will be relaxed for them on the one hand.

The fact is that the Old Lady are not going to buy a central defender and goalkeeper. Yes, there is already a lot of competition in defense. Leonardo Bonucci will definitely stay. Meanwhile, Kielini has also extended his contract.

In addition to the veterans, there are young, reliable central defenders at the club, such as De Ligt and Rugani. At the same time, Demiral will also recover from injury, so the Bianconeri’s central defenders will not have to worry if anyone misses out on them.

As for the goalkeeper, the first goalkeeper is Wojciech Szczesny. His replacement is Buffon, and Buffon will be replaced by Carlos Pinsolio, who is an excellent goalkeeper. Buffon has extended his contract and intends to stay at the club until the unrealistic year, Szczesny is also going nowhere, and nothing similar is heard about Pinsolio as well.


The abnormal age before which Gigi Buffon is going to play football


It’s no coincidence that we see players over the age of 40 in football, but being at that age and playing at a top club is very rare.

As you may know, Gigi managed to play in 2 top clubs over 40 years old. The Keeper, who has returned from PSG, is now a substitute for Wojciech Szczesny at Juventus.

According to his agent, he is going to play until he is 44 years old. Yes, he is now 42. Given the season postponed due to Coronavirus, most likely under his one-season extended contract, he will stay in football until he is 44 years old.

What happens next? Most likely, Gianluigi Buffon will be offered a job in the administration.