Gus Poyet made very interesting statements on Tuesday night. He talked with the journalists and reviewed Real Madrid’s season, Eden Hazard and Atletico Madrid.


What’s wrong with Eden Hazard?

Poyet said that Real Madrid was in need of a good player. Eden Hazard was perfect by that time. He was dominating the Premier League and scoring goals while assisting the strikers. Poyer said that he would sign Eden Hazard in 2019 too. UNfortunately to Real Madrid fans, Eden Hazard became a failure. Poyer knows that Eden still has the inner power to change career direction in Madrid and become very dominant in La Liga too. Legendary player admitted that could match Messi’s level in dribbles, assists and goals but he failed.

Gus said that Hazard was not respecting Real Madrid staff at first. When he first came to Madrid, he was a different guy. Poyet said that Hazard had the same winner mentality and approach but he was changed. Gus noted that Hazard’s weight issue was the main problem. He never cared about the weight and it became a huge problem in La Liga, especially under the supervision of Real Madrid’s fitness team. Gus said that Real Madrid has a different approach to fitness and that’s why Hazard failed so far.


Atletico Madrid’s season

Poyet played in La Liga. He was the player of Real Zaragoza when the team was playing in La Liga. Gus said that Simeone’s team has a good season so far. Gus said that “Cholo” did a good job when it comes to Luis Suarez. As you may know, Barcelona decided to sell Luis Suarez and Atletico was the first club to show interest in the Uruguayan striker. Poyet said that Atletico Madrid is doing well as Real Zaragoza was playing back in Gus’ prime times. He predicted that it will be tough for Atletico to win La Liga but they will give their best.