The English Premier League clubs have “unanimously agreed” that the proposed “Project Big Picture” will not be “endorsed or pursued”.

Liverpool and Manchester United proposed “project Big Picture” involved reducing the Premier League teams from 20 to 18 and scrapping the EFL Cup and Community Shield.

Additionally, the English Football League would have got 25% of all future TV deals which would have been jointly negotiated.  However, it would also delegate some powers to the so-called “Big Six” Premier League clubs.

On Wednesday, the 20 Premier League clubs held a meeting to disputable plans proposed by Manchester United and Liverpool. In other words, the clubs rejected the proposal and agreed to “work together” on a new “strategic plan” for the “financing of English football”.

The clubs also agreed on a £50m rescue package for League One and Two clubs at the meeting. A Premier League statement read, “discussions will also continue with the EFL over financial support for the Championship”.

“Clearly there’s some frustration that a proposal that hadn’t had the input from clubs had been pushed so hard in public. We don’t have any beef with the EFL. We have a historic relationship which we want to be constructive”.

“It was a candid, positive, and in the end a unanimous meeting. We decided to move on from “Big Picture” and move on to a new review process”.

“Solidarity is incredibly strong so while there’s been a lost said, I don’t think it’s irreparably damaged the Premier League”

“I don’t think anyone has been talking about breaking away”. Added Masters.

“We acknowledged the English model is a huge success. But it hasn’t been reviewed for a long time. So, maybe, there are some systematic issues that haven’t been dealt with”.