British football is facing an unprecedented crisis. Economic or legal uncertainty can have a significant impact on the Premier League clubs.

As you know, Mikel Arteta and Calum Hudson-Odoi were tested positive on coronavirus. The Premier League was postponed until April 4. However, unless the situation has stabilized, English football can still be a long time away. Premier League leaders want the games to be postponed until sooner or later, though the government may ban sporting events.

Clubs face huge financial losses – sponsors may cancel contracts with them or demand a lower cost of contracts. They were talking about hundreds of millions. For example, La Liga boss Javier Thebes said that if the season had not ended, the loss would reach 700 million euros.

In the case of the Premier League, we will have to deal with a more significant number. According to Tottenham’s former sporting director, Damien Comal, Premier League broadcasters, Sky and BT Sports may be demanding a refund, which could be a huge financial burden for relatively smaller clubs.

Also, salaries are distributed to those who work in clubs. And gambling companies and other contractors sponsoring clubs may be legally demanding an answer. Besides, the issue of tickets is also problematic. Premier League clubs have stated that seasonal subscribers cannot be reimbursed. They will only manage to compensate for the loss of tickets for specific games. Even so, for a club such as Arsenal, the pandemic would cost around £ 25m.


Another Problematic Factor – Contracts


The next factor is the player contracts. Many of them will expire on June 30, if the postponed matches take place after that date, the players may already have contracts with new clubs.

The European Top 5 Championships, the Euro Tournaments, at this point, everything has stopped. The fate of Euro 2020 will be clear on March 17.